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Welcome to

Our objective with this web site is to offer you, for the first time, in a simple and easy to understand way, the tools and knowledge you need to become an achiever in the stock exchange investment world.

To reach this goal, our web site has at its disposal the following:

A research center, through which you will have access to the best web sites related to the subject, where you' ll find from earning reports, economic calendars, recent news about the general market and the companies, option contracts' prices and much more.

We also offer you for a very affordable price, our book ''How to become a millionaire in the stock market'' also available as an e-book. Where you will learn, step by step all you need to start making money right away with the use of our diverse investing strategies, starting up with very little capital.

For a low monthly subscription fee, you will have access every Friday after the close of the stock market to 10 highly accurate predictions of companies that are ready to make a move, either to the upside or the downside. For the ones that are optionable we'll recommend the out-of-the-money and in-the-money option contracts you should buy to increase your profits, by investing only a fraction of the money needed to buy the shares themselves.

Beside the services mentioned above, If during the week, our analyses indicate that a company is about to make an imminent movement, that probably can’t wait till the next Friday, this prediction will be posted immediately in the aditional prediction section and simultaneously sent via e-mail to everyone of our subscribers. We are going to offer this service generally before the market closes, that way our members can have the opportunity to make their investments immediately.

Among these predictions you are going to find penny stock companies with prices even below one cent, which are very profitable and good to invest in, with almost no money at all.

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